About Carbon Handmade

Carbon Handmade is a jewelry studio based in Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in minimal, geometric designs in porcelain, wood, brass, silver, gold, and leather. Just as carbon, the common element of all life, can take on new forms — from charcoal, to diamond, we believe in combining a few elemental materials to create limitless design variations.

About the Designer

Jennifer Walker is an artist, graphic designer, and the force behind Carbon Handmade. When asked about label’s origin, Walker recalled, “I was painting a lot, but I was discouraged. So much of the emphasis seemed to be about defending the work’s validity. It was exhausting. Around that time— I’ve always been drawn to fashion and jewelry — I was shopping for necklaces, and couldn’t really find want I wanted. So I started sketching." As Jennifer's design process evolves, her palette of materials and techniques expands. Some designs are born on paper, and slowly come to life in the studio, while others are the product of experimentation and sudden inspiration. “For me, jewelry design lives at the intersection of fashion, of art, of design. I don’t worry about validity anymore. These are real objects, with a function, just existing, unapologetically taking up space. You can take it or leave it.”